Automated Procedures for Quality Improvement!

Reducing process errors to conduct smooth audits and inspections through an automated platform. 

Need for Quality Control Transformation

Making Quality Control a Habit,
not just an Act!

Conventionally, the apparel industry has always been dependent on manual ways of quality inspection which has often lead to discrepancies in quality-related procedures. The challenges that our apparel industry currently faces, include a lot of process errors, corroboration of evidence, no standardized processes for inspections, manual entries, and hence delay in reporting and thereby leading to higher turnaround time. 

Therefore, it’s a high time we adapt and switch to digital means of inspection and audits. 

How Dizbi provides value?

Quality is the Best Advertisement!

The only way to ensure that you have reached your target audience and have secured their loyalty is to ensure you provide them with a great quality product. DizQ is just the right tool for you to automate inspections and audits to continue producing high-quality output. 

Dizbi acts as a game-changer and catalyst for the quick, demand-driven, and highly agile apparel industry by providing companies with the digital lead for quality-related solutions.
Dizbi offers a mobile solution, DizQ which is used for digitization and automation of audits and inspections, therefore ensuring quality deliveries every time.
DizQ provides a dynamic and digital structure and helps to achieve standardization in the quality and compliance processes. Through this companies are able to achieve 360-degree transparency and gain an edge by having a complete supplier overview.

Who all can benefit?

The stakeholders of DizQ and their benefits are – 

QA Head – has wholesome visibility on Quality Issues/challenges and QA Inspectors / Factory productivity, Configurable Audits. 

QA Inspectors – Automation of Inspection Schedules, Corroboration of Evidence, and Repository on Cloud. 

Brands/Vendors – Visibility of Factory KPIs, In line with the Deliveries and Billing. 

Factories – Automatic Inspections, Inventory clearance, and CIP (Continuous improvement program). 

Warehouse – Acceptance of only Passed (QA) goods.

What we offer

Good Quality is not an Input but
Output for a Loyal Customer!

With DizQ’s innovative solution, you can identify gaps in the system through digitization of your inspection and audit processes to help you churn out better output. 

DizQ offers solutions that help in the end-to-end quality standardization of the apparel value chain

AI-based analytics

Templatized reporting

Cloud-Based solution

Real-time dashboard

Configurable audit types

Automatic Language selection

Mobile-based audits and inspections

Digital Transformation for Apparel &
Supply Chain

Change the way you control your processes with Data-Driven insights, not just opinions!

With the world rapidly transforming into a well-connected global digital network, one cannot simply escape the effects of it anymore. For businesses to survive, they have to constantly keep catering to the evolving demands of the customer and ensure a high standard of operation.

The apparel industry is no different from the rest of the world. It is, in fact, all the more demanding, because it thrives on excellence. To learn more about the current challenges in the domain, and how digital transformation can help you overcome them, read the eBook below.

Good Quality Leads to
Good Craftsmanship!

In order to learn how to produce a higher quality product for your target audience, request a demo of the DizQ.  

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