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Kumar is a seasoned management and delivery professional having over 25+ plus years of experience. He has played various progressive leadership roles throughout his career including Delivery, Account Management, Business Development, Quality and Client Strategy. He has successfully setup and managed multiple ODC’s for France, Europe, US and UK based clients. With the team building and leadership skills, he has created cohesive work environments bonding cross-functional teams, domains, multi-cultural environments, and diverse geographical locations. He has successfully managed and delivered multiple onsite, offshore projects ranging from 100K USD to 1+ million USD with multi-year contracts. Adaptation of Changes in Technologies has enhanced Client’s Value.

Now leveraging the digital forces of mobility, big data, cloud technology and social media to bring value to a diverse set of customers. Worked on Analytics (business, energy etc.) leading a team for a patent pending solution (USA) and Fintech platform (Canada) on Block chain from Ideation to Delivery. He has played the role of an assessment team member for SEI CMM 4 and 5 assessments and CMM Based Appraisal for Internal Process Improvement (CBA IPI) programs.

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