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Creating an immersive virtual in-store experience and virtual merchandising with the Dizbi XR. 

Revolutionize your Retail Customer Experience

With the world changing and adapting to the newer ways of operating within restrictions, there is a need for a game-changing technology that will revolutionize how you are viewed in the retail space. Crafted with the single goal of eliminating your pain points of not being able to reach your audience, presenting the Dizbi XR.

An effective tool to help you create an immersive virtual showroom to give your stakeholders the chance to experience your showroom in the comfort of their space. Create a rich 360-degree virtual experience that allows you to showcase your products in 3D. Cut down on the turn-around time between conceptualization and final delivery of approved products. It is time to take your business to the next level!


What makes Dizbi XR the perfect tool?

This platform is created to help you generate interactive, real-like versions of your space and products that can give your target audience the feeling of being in an actual showroom. It is easy to use and gives you a variety of options when creating a 3D-generated structure for your space. You can also view the store from a bird’s eye view in order to perfectly balance the aesthetics to suit the preferences of your target audience. Reach out to your clients by iframe and web links generated with the new Dizbi XR.

3D Virtual Experience Simulation

Create a 3D virtual showroom with only a few easy steps to showcase your designs interactively.

360 Degree Virtual Experience Simulation

Creating a 360-degree virtual simulation has never been easier. No need to depend on complicated software.

3D Merchandise Wall Creation

Showcase your designs on the 3D merchandise wall to make them look the best. Enhance the user experience by making your designs interactive.
Top Benefits

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With this game-changing technology, your target audience will be at a stone’s throw away. The virtual simulations created are lifelike and provide a close look at the actual showroom for your customers to experience. Its digital merchandising abilities allow you to take your designs right in the palm of your customers and get an increased closing ratio. This tool provides a unique opportunity for you to advertise posters and videos within 3D tours to enhance the customer’s experience.The power of real-time insights
WHY Dizbi xr

Take your Store to the Customer

Give your customers an engaging in-store experience from the comfort of their homes. Here are some reasons why Dizbi XR can change your business around. 

Quicker TAT from fabric to finish product

Digital cataloguing and 3D modelling of products

Customizable form creation for detailed brief and customer requirements

Digital warehousing and inventory management

Live tracking of the products and seller insights

Augmented reality for immersive user experience

No need to install any app to experience AR

Create virtual product wall

360-degree walkthrough experience for your customers

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