Digitize and Automate your Quality Audits for top-of-the-line Deliveries!

Ensure quality deliveries with the best-in-class mobile solution for digitization and automation of inspections and audits of your processes.

Standardizing the Quality Control Process

The fashion and apparel industry depends heavily on audits and inspections to ensure good quality end products are released into the market. This poses an issue of audits and inspections not happening at the right time and in a seamless manner. These two functions are manually driven, which leaves room for a tremendous amount of human error. 

DizQ is an innovative mobile solution that provides you with an opportunity to cut down your processing errors and allows you to conduct regular audits and inspections on a digital platform. It helps you standardize the process at various levels and identify specific problem areas that can be made better. 


Increase your turnaround delivery time with the NEXT best in Fashion and Apparel.

With the DizQ platform in place, you can optimize your audits and inspections in a streamlined manner to give you real-time insight into your ongoing processes so that you can exercise control over your delivery schedule and expedite it when required. The platform allows you to have access to various audit types, dynamic and insightful forms to correctly analyse your business needs. Use detailed audit reports to make useful future decisions. 

Configurable Scheduling of Audits and Inspections

Downloadable Audit Reports

User Management

Auto Tech Pre-fills

Offline & Online Save Facility

Auto QA assignment with an override facility

Click Photo & Upload Images

Final sign & Submit

Configurable Audit Types

Vendor/Supplier Portal

Factory Management

Configurable Pre-fill Detect Types

Role Definitions

Digital Signatures on Mobile/Tab

Dashboards (Realtime Reporting)

Enterable Comments

Dynamic Forms on App based on
Audit Type

Audit Start and End Time

Auditor Analysis

Automatic Pre-fill of available necessary data

Configurable Role Play

QA Reassignment with approval from QA manager

Save as Draft Facility

Top Benefits

Making a Difference to the larger scheme of Business!

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Quality control is something that has plagued the fashion industry since the beginning of time. It is imperative for a business to give good quality when it comes to delivering good products to ensure longevity. The benefits of having control over the quality of items shipping out are immense. It helps in ensuring smooth deliveries, the ability to create suitable products, stylish products, maintain a uniform design standard and have a larger impact on the market.

DizQ helps you at every step of the inspection process and help you achieve a standardized compliance process. This way you can monitor the workflow based on auto-calculated results. Make use of these valuable data-driven insights to change how you approach your business.


Benefits of adding DizQ to your System

With the DizQ system in place, you can draw insights from data taken at every step of the way and make future projections. The process is automated for better efficiency and it is compatible with SAAS. Being AI-based, the platform drives productivity to a large extend by ensuring good quality control. You can also retrieve real-time reports and manuals for approval. Lastly, this platform doubles as a readily available centralized repository of records that you can access at any point in time.

On the Fly configuration

SAAS Model

Automated Process for better efficiency

Increased Productivity – AI Driven

Offline and Online Facility

Green Audits

Realtime Dashboard and Insights

Centralized Evidence and Repository

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