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The COVID-19 pandemic has effectively put a stop to all kinds of business activities, across all industries and sectors. People are increasingly getting scared of stepping out of their homes and risking their safety and health. To add to this ongoing misery, there are government regulations, isolation and social distancing guidelines, and lockdowns in place. 

A mix of all these factors has resulted in immense financial losses for businesses, especially the fashion and apparel industry, which thrives on potential customer walking into a store and experiencing the products in person. A store visit allows them the freedom to choose from a varied range and compare different styles, fabrics, and designs.

Alternative e-commerce setups have their drawbacks. They do not allow the customer to experience a particular product in its 3D form unlike in a showroom, resulting in decreasing customer satisfaction. 

This has led to an increase in the need for 3D technology that can help them in experiencing an enhanced product purchase journey. This is one of the first steps towards a digital transformation. Our expert team can help you integrate 3D creation within your existing system without disrupting the normal workflow. Our 3D education services are designed to bring out the tech-savvy side of your business setup. 

3D Service

How Dizbi Provides Value

Dizbi provides an interactive and immersive platform, wherein the brands are able to present their real – life products in an interactive way. The 3D service makes sure that the customers experience the product in its original state and can be seen from all dimensions at the comfort of the home. This service leverages the brand’s ability to show all its product types in the form of 3D with the highest accuracy and detailing possible. 


Who all can benefit from it – Stakeholders?

3D has a vast list of stakeholders who can benefitted from our product and service. Primarily focused on product-based companies such Apparel Industry, Home furnishing etc.


Expert 3D Solutions for Next-Level Success

We understand the changing needs of today’s business world. Our in-depth knowledge of
the domain has helped us create this tool to help you identify the potential areas that can
be made better by having a 3D tool under your belt.

3D Apparels

Create a library of digital assets and take your designs to your customers in the form of 3D generated apparel. Utilize our expertise to digitize trims, fabrics and more to start creating custom designs for your target audience.

Showroom Creation

Take the shopping experience to your customers instead of them coming to you. Replicate your showroom in a virtual set-up and put an end to your business woes.


Home Furnishing

Create wholesome 3D interior designs and showcase your fabulous home furnishings but without the hassle of traditional marketing methods.

3D Imagery matching e-Commerce Standards

Create detailed 3D product images that give your customers a complete shopping experience. Replace traditional and expensive photoshoots with advanced 3D creation.

Apparel Dissection

Bring your designs to life by adding animation effects to them. Mesmerize your customers with animated 3D apparel.

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