In today’s world where everything is powered by technology, fashion is also stepping in to
make its way ahead. Nowadays technology is like a fuel for every industry, be fashion,
engineering, or agriculture. The positive impact of technology in the fashion and apparel
industry can be seen in recent times.
If we go only fifty years back, everything had to be done by hand from cutting, to sewing
and stitching, to ironing and then packaging the clothes. Doing work by hand took a lot of
time and labour. But now with the advent of different technological advancements, things
have changed. Doing things by hand and not taking the help of a machine seems like a joke
to everyone. The world is moving very fast, and every industry has to move along with it
otherwise they would be left behind and eventually vanish. There have been major
developments in the fashion and apparel domain. Technological developments offer
enormous chances for a firm to improve if used wisely and efficiently. Let us take a look at
what are the key areas of technology investment in fashion and apparel domain.

Possible Areas of Technology Investment in the Fashion and Apparel Domain

The impact of technology is not limited to just big companies with huge funds, even smaller
setups can make use of possible technology to grow their business.

Virtual Reality to Accentuate Shopping Experience

For example, a recent trend that can be seen in smaller stores is the use of different VR
mirrors in the dressing rooms for an enhanced shopping experience. 
Other than that, this VR technology could also be used in customizing and automating the
product selection process for the target audience. They can try out various looks and
ensembles with just one touch. This opens the door to a very targeted method of
customization which can give birth to new ideas that help the industry cater to all kinds of

Big Data for A Defined Production Process Analysis

Another key area of technology investment is the use of Big Data, which has the potential to
increase production accuracy and help increase sustainable local manufacturing when
combined with manufacturing automation and product technology innovation. The possible
advantages include greater delivery speed and cost savings.

Computer Graphics as A Base Point for Design

With time computer graphics are becoming a key part of the fashion business, with
applications ranging from textile weavings to sizing patterns. The requirement for manual
designs has been lowered by computer-aided design (CAD) programs. Old manual skills are
being replaced by new software design skills.

Incorporation Of Smarter Technology in The Design and Make of a Product

With the advent of smart technology, a whole new variety of products could be easily given
to customers that were not available almost twenty years ago. Ranging from excellent
quality sportswear to clothes that have the ability to change colours, to clothes having built-
in smart technology to keep the body warm or cold and collect data for different health
research purposes.

Environment-Friendly Fashion

Technology is also helping the industry in making a variety of products that can be
environmentally friendly. This new aspect of making environmentally friendly and carbon-
free products is catching up very fast. Some brands are using this as a USP to market their
products. Some of these range from clothes that have special bacteria that possess self-
cleaning properties, to shoes and denim made from recycled plastic, jackets that can save
and consume sunlight and act as potential chargers for gadgets.

Digitisation Of Internal Processes

A lot of the supply chain in the fashion and apparel domain is reliant on physical inspections
and audits, which is time-consuming, chaotic, expensive and have a huge room for human
errors. This is a key area where the interference of technology can greatly influence the
processes and help in cutting down the TAT. This way brands can have a shorter design to
delivery flow. There are software and digital platforms available in the market that help in
digitising and automating internal processes to ensure improved quality control and
smoother functions.

Digital Tools for Enhanced Customer Experiences and Behaviour Studies

What is great about the fast-developing technologies is that brands can now use them to
study consumer behaviour no matter how small or big the changes are. This in turn can help
them forecast future trends and accordingly cater to the audience’s preferences. The
benefits of AI can be applied here to study changing trends and help fashion and apparel
brands accordingly strategize.
These were some of the key areas of technology investments in the future. The fashion and
apparel industry is a dynamic and fast-changing environment that needs constant up-
gradation to survive. There is no better time than now for the industry to make use of
technological support to better itself and be ready for the next big thing!

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