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DIZBI is a house of creativity and innovation dedicated to reshaping the future of digital solutions in the fashion and apparel industry.  

Our Values

Empower yourself with innovation and collaboration!

We strive to be an organisation where integrity, transparency, customer satisfaction
and courage guide us to become the most preferred business partner and employer.

Customer – Centric Approach

We believe that everyone who relies on our business – internally and externally – is a customer. Customers are the center of who we are.


We are considerate to the feelings, beliefs, and situations of all individuals.


Due to our culture of compliance, learning and commitment to “doing it right the first time”.


As we are willing to challenge ideas, take additional responsibility and take tough decisions.


Our timely responsiveness, unmatched service, and dependability demonstrated to our customers, employees, and community reflects our commitment to those that count on us.


We are consistent in being the best at what we do and what we stand for.


We strive to be the most trusted and reliable in our industry by refusing to deceive and honouring what is morally correct.


Why work with Dizbi

A new way to present your own ideas without limits!

Dizbi streamlines the work for organizations to become digital solution providers. If you have the passion for new disruptive innovations to bring about valuable change, this is the place for you. We provide an environment for growth and an opportunity for you to convert your brilliant concepts into actionable and valuable assets.

Employee Friendly

Dizbi believes in creating an employee-friendly, inclusive environment that provides equal opportunities to all. All individual and team efforts are acknowledged and fostered. With the right work-life balance, employees get a productive environment that allows them to grow.

Accelerated Career Growth

Through extensive training, we ensure the personal and skillset development of our employees, for a better career trajectory. We encourage an Entrepreneurial Mindset so that employees are able to work with maximum zeal.

Challenging Domain

We encourage our employees to think 'out of the box' and be problem solvers who are always up for a challenge. This domain is one with a lot of opportunities and it can be a place for someone who does not shy away from going beyond the expected.

A Global Company with a Purpose

We are the technology arm of PDS Multinational Group with an annual turnover of 1.4 Billion USD & a presence in 18 nations. We are an organization with a larger vision for the future of driving technology-driven growth for enterprises.
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