Customer Experience is the Hero of your Story!

The customer always remembers how you made him feel, keep him coming back with an exciting and new way of shopping virtually. 

Need for Customer Experience Transformation

Good Customer Experience happens by Design, not by Accident!

COVID-19 has profoundly affected life around the globe. Isolation, contact restrictions, and economic shutdown impose a complete change to the psychosocial environment in affected countries. This Pandemic has spread with alarming speed, infecting millions & bringing economic activities to a near standstill as countries imposed tight restrictions on movement to halt the spread of viruses. Due to the virus, customers are not able to experience first–hand products, and as a result, brands are suffering tremendous losses. This is usually an added cost for the company wherein the brands have to travel overseas for the customers to experience the products. 

Also, eCommerce which is a booming market in the future holds a great significance in the lives of people who are inclined towards buying the products in an online environment. But, customers often are not able to experience the products in their own environment and therefore leads to discontent and lower customer satisfaction among the people, and as a result, brands experience lower customer engagement and loyalty. 

Hence, there is a sudden and increased need for a platform that connects buyers, retailers, merchandisers, and the end customers onto the one platform wherein they are able to experience the products in an immersive environment, giving them a real–hand feel of the product. 

How Dizbi provides value?

Making your Customers Feel Important with our Digital Solutions!

Dizbi provides an interactive and immersive platform, wherein the brands are able to present their real-life products in an interactive way. The Dizbi XR platform makes sure that the customers experience real-life virtual tours of the showrooms at the comfort of the home. The platform leverages the brand’s ability to show all its product types on one platform with the highest accuracy and detail possible. Dizbi XR is a platform that provides the highest flexibility to the customers to explore the products of the brand in their own environment and at the same time gives the brand an opportunity to live-track their inventory with the identification of best-sellers. 

Who all can benefit?

  1. Apparel Industry 
  2. Footwear & Accessories 
  3. Home Furnishing 
  4. Automobile 


Apart from this, our platform is capable of providing solutions to various other industries.

What we offer

Reach your Target Customer in the comfort of their own space!

Our expertise in the fashion and apparel domain has given us in-depth knowledge about customer experience. Our platform, the DIZBI XR helps you create an engaging and visually immersive virtual experience through virtual store creation and 3D generated virtual merchandising.

Digital Transformation for Apparel &
Supply Chain

Change the way you control your processes with Data-Driven insights, not just opinions!

With the world rapidly transforming into a well-connected global digital network, one cannot simply escape the effects of it anymore. For businesses to survive, they have to constantly keep catering to the evolving demands of the customer and ensure a high standard of operation.

The apparel industry is no different from the rest of the world. It is, in fact, all the more demanding, because it thrives on excellence. To learn more about the current challenges in the domain, and how digital transformation can help you overcome them, read the eBook below.

Your Reality is your
Customer's Perception of you!

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