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Optimize your procurement processes with easy and improved ERP integration.

Need for Supply Chain Transformation

Faster and Controlled Processes
bring Better Growth!

The extensive apparel supply chain has tremendous unstructured data in different formats as a result, paper-based database management becomes a herculean task. With undefined and blurred visibility across the supply chain there occurs a delay in lead times, due to many running orders.

This delayed information sharing with a lack of vendor traceability leads to losses or failures in projects, tasks, or processes. This delayed and manipulated speed of the products to the market often leads to huge losses for the company. 

Hence, Hid-e becomes one stop solution that integrates the complete apparel supply chain from end to end. 

How Dizbi provides value?

Revolutionize your Supply Chain Management with Deep Learning!

Both small and big enterprises need to have a defined supply chain in place. With the revolutionary HID-e, you can set a chain of command to help you exercise more control over the process and take your business in the direction that suits you best.

Dizbi provides a fast-track digital transformation platform, HID-e that provides unified access in integration with ERP and all other stand-alone applications to remove gaps in the supply chain.
Time management, communication, workflow, and infrastructure dependencies are some problems that HID-e solves
HID-e is an eco-friendly, unified, highly productive, hybrid Enterprise Content Management platform
It empowers businesses to generate value from their heterogeneous data collected from various sources and businesses. It connects people, processes, systems, and technology.
It’s a monolithic software that single-handedly solves all the software-related needs for multi-directional projects and other important tasks.
HID-e combines analytics, collaboration, governance, and processes with anywhere, anytime access to deliver value to customers, partners and employees.

Who all can benefit?

HID-e acts as a fast-track digital transformation software, integrating merchandising to the shipping department on one single digital platform, thereby providing a holistic/ 360-degree view of the complete apparel supply chain. 

HID-e is a one-stop solution for all PLM & SCM-related departments like Planning, Merchandising, Design, Costing, Sampling, Finance, Quality, Raw Material Suppliers, Sourcing, shipping, etc., thereby automating the complete workflow between the departments and at the same time improving the visibility. Hence, our platform allows global collaboration via a centralized portal that binds together all different departments. 

What we offer

Experience the Future of
Supply Chain Management with HID-e!

With the HID-e platform, you can standardize processes integrate ERP solutions to stand-alone applications and establish checkpoints to ensure a significantly reduced TAT, and on-time delivery of commitments. 

Dizbi offers a complete package for optimizing the apparel supply chain by leveraging onto the company’s existing resources and customizing or tailoring solutions based on the demands and needs of the companies. Following are the features that are present on the platform

Business Process Management
Analyze business processes easily to improve and optimize them.
Data Management System
All your soft data documents in one place are categorically arranged.
Integration with ERP
Easy integration with the ERP with the polyglot architecture.
Order to Pay
Order, Manufacture, Deliver & Pay Keep track of end-to-end process through HID-e.
Product Costing
Keep the product costs in check with timely invoices and visibility at each stage.
Shipping Tracker
Keep a tab on your procurement orders in Real-time.
Real-Time Dashboards
Get all the info about all the orders in real-time with dynamic dashboards.
Critical Path – Time and Action
Schedule along the most efficient timeline for all your orders.
Sourcing & Procurement
Create procurement orders as per the necessity and manage suppliers altogether.
Mail Room Dispatch
Reduce your operating cost and improve customer satisfaction through a strong chain of custody tracking.
Accounts Payable & Receivable Tracker
Strengthen the relationships with no overdue sending timely invoices.
Global Logistics Management in integration with DHL
Easily keep track of procurement, movement, and storage of materials.

Digital Transformation for Apparel &
Supply Chain

Change the way you control your processes with Data-Driven insights, not just opinions!

With the world rapidly transforming into a well-connected global digital network, one cannot simply escape the effects of it anymore. For businesses to survive, they have to constantly keep catering to the evolving demands of the customer and ensure a high standard of operation.

The apparel industry is no different from the rest of the world. It is, in fact, all the more demanding, because it thrives on excellence. To learn more about the current challenges in the domain, and how digital transformation can help you overcome them, read the eBook below.

Winning through the
Right Kind of Logistics!

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