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About Dizbi

Built on values, driven by innovation!

Dizbi is the technology arm of PDS Multinational Group which has an annual turnover of 1.2 Billion USD with a presence in 18 nations. With our rich technology experience combined with design thinking and applied thought, we have enabled the digital transformation journey of many enterprises. Our expertise lies in developing tailored enterprise frameworks, processes, and digital solutions for the fashion & apparel industry.

Our in-depth understanding and years of expertise in the fashion and apparel industry are what drives us to think beyond the normal and come up with innovative solutions for operational challenges. We provide a range of comprehensive cost-competitive and capitalizing services that enable you to improve your competencies efficiently. 

Our solutions range from Mixed Reality Experience Management, Inspections and Quality Management (IOS/Android), Complex Master Data Management, and SCM Fast Track Digital Transformation Platform.

We unite passionate brains, modern technology, and the tech ecosystems to provide transformational solutions to help our clients accelerate business outcomes.
At Dizbi, our vision is to enable fashion and apparel businesses to innovate and transform through technology and achieve their true potential.

Leadership Team

Industry Experts leading the way to innovation!

Dizbi brings the team member’s diverse and real-time experience into play when it comes to diagnosing a problem. It facilitates the affluence of ideas explored meaning that you can always find the best solutions to the problems that you face.

Our leadership team with their extensive knowledge in the fashion & apparel domain have a successful legacy of making PDS the first Indian Fashion Technology company to connect all its project locations on uniform IT and SAP ERP platform.

What makes Dizbi great?

A strategic focus on solving problems with a digital approach to operations!

Dizbi has created a positive environment where innovation and passion thrive. We deliver high performance and goal-oriented digital solutions for our clients to help them achieve their business goals.

Our methodical understanding of application evolution, complex business issues allow us to constantly evolve and come up with innovative solutions that have the potential to make a larger impact on the ever-evolving fashion & apparel industry.

Innovation at DIZBI is at the very heart of work, ingrained in our DNA that includes collaboration with clients, partners, associates, and stakeholders to co-advance, co-develop, co-innovate with clients. Our enterprise based innovation approach intends to solve real world problems and present tangible opportunities; solutions that command prestigious business value for our customers. 

DIZBI is focused around the things that bother – insights, collaborations, integrations, and advancements that cause uncommon things to happen for brands, organizations, and their clients. Dizbi provides Go to Market ready to deploy solutions in emerging technologies space of AI/ML, RPA, AR/VR solutions in association with our partners, and business associates. 

Dizbi presents cost effective ways of doing business by process optimization, digitization and eliminating redundancies that forms the basis of value-based costing methodology. Cost-benefit analysis built in approach presents significant opportunity based costing choices. Such a costing centric approach helps deliver significant business results, OPEX gains over, and around 40%. 

Our approach is designed around customer needs and interests at every stage of the customer life-cycle by seeing things from the customer’s end-customer point of view. Dizbi achieves a customer-centric approach by treating employees right and believe in seeing the world through customer’s and their stakeholder’s perspectives.

Dizbi understands that Global Enterprises need to be agile, and nimble to changing scenarios – local and global. Dizbi has both the advantage of a nimble start-up and experience of global parent organization that backs the Dizbi venture. Dizbi has effective and efficient Program Management to address agile needs of projects.

Dizbi ensures industry standards with respect to Cyber Security are followed and implemented from Design to Implementation. Our Cyber Security experts are CEH, CISSP, CISA, CompTIA+, CISM certified having rich experience in Cyber Security Frameworks, Secure Code Audit, and PEN Testing.

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