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Supply Chain with HID-e!

Traditional methodologies for managing the procurement process in the Fashion and Apparel industry are not relevant anymore. Paper-based stakeholder management is overwhelming and unreliable, lack of visibility into the status of orders, and, with multiple orders running simultaneously, it is difficult to determine which process has a higher lead time.

Helping you gain visibility into the entire supply chain, HID-e empowers you to make sure the turnaround time is as fast as it can be. With the power to integrate with ERP solutions and all other stand-alone applications, it eliminates gaps in supply chain management in the Fashion and Apparel industry, making hassle-free, timely delivery a reality.


A 360-degree approach for you to transcend to the NEXT in Fashion and Apparel

The HID-e comes with innovative features to make it easier for you to handle your supply chain for your brand. With procurement processes streamlined and real-time insights, you can identify the pain points and eliminate gaps to optimize your business processes.  Its easy integration with your company’s ERP solution—and other third-party applications through API, will empower your teams to stay on top of things. There has never been a better tool that helps you to cut short your lead time efficiently and achieve milestones when it comes to turning your concepts into design and delivery.

Business process management

Integration with ERP

Sourcing and procurement

Mailroom dispatch

Real-time dashboards

Product costing

Critical path time & Action

Global logistics management in integration with DHL

Document management system

Cost to procurement

Accounts Payable & Receivable Tracker

Order to delivery

Top Benefits

Streamline Fashion Sourcing with a Digital Approach

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Traditionally, the operational norms of sourcing in the fashion industry have been predominantly paperwork driven which causes the lead time to go up as it gets difficult to keep a track of individual statuses. The flow of information is mostly one way and verifying and ensuring a smooth movement is very difficult. 

HID-e eliminates these challenges, with real-time visibility, better insights into processes, and empowers you with the ability to make decisions that streamline the sourcing supply chain—in real-time!

Top Benefits

Benefits of HID-e for your Procurement Process

Better visibility into the supply chain

The ability to make decisions, proactively

Insights that determine the strong points of your processes

Insights that pinpoint the flaws in your process

The power of real-time insights

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A new way of looking at the Supply Chain

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